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What is a land survey?

A land survey is performed by a registered land surveyor for the purpose of describing, monumenting and mapping the boundaries and corners of a parcel of land. A land survey may also include the design and layout of new lots and streets, the determination of the physical features of the land parcel and the location of buildings and other improvements upon the land. The surveyor must interpret the intention of the deed and other pertinent documents.

Professional Surveying and Mapping Services:

    (For purchasing property, new development, refinance)
    (For site development, drainage design)
    (For bulkhead and dock permitting)
GPS Control
    (For control of development with coordinate systems)
Subdivision Platting
    (For recording of residential and commercial divisions of land)
Construction Stake Out
    (For Grading, paving, building construction)
Residential Surveys
    (For Sales, Fencing and Refinancing)
Department of Environmental Protection
     (For permitting of environmentally sensitive areas)
Tree Location Survey
    (For property clearing permits)