Professional Mappers and Land Surveyors

Our Services

Professional Surveying and Mapping Services:


  • Boundary

           (For purchasing vacant property, new development, refinance)

  • Topographic

           (For site development, drainage design)

  • Hydrographic

          (For bulkhead, dock permitting and dredging projects)

  • GPS Control

          (For control of development with coordinate systems)

  • Subdivision Platting

          (For recording of residential and commercial divisions of land)

  • Construction Stake Out

          (For Grading, paving, building construction)

  • Residential Surveys

          (For Sales, Fencing and Refinancing)

  • Department of Environmental Protection

          (For permitting of environmentally sensitive areas Usually Ocean front)

  • Coastal Construction Control Line

          (Show the relationship between property and coastal construction control line)

  • Mean High Water

           (Establishing a water boundary along any tidal waterway)

  • Tree Location Survey

          (Specific type and size of trees on a parcel of land -  for property clearing permits & identifying protected trees)

  • FEMA Elevation Certificate

           (For Flood Insurance, City and County Requirements, Lender Requirements)

  • Liquor License Survey

          (City/Country required survey for distance from Liquor License applicant to sensitive establishments)

  • Wetland Surveys

          (Locating wetland flags placed by Environmental Specialist)

  • ALTA/NSPS Surveys

          (Detailed surveys required to issue property titles or mortgage insurance for commercial properties)

  • Plot Plan

           (Plan showing proposed improvements on an existing boundary survey)